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Cub Scout Certificate Templates


Wood Badge Font: WOODBADG.TTF

To install the font unzip it and then right click and install.  The header is done in the Wood Badge Font.


These templates are for printing on the Certificates that you buy from your Scout Shop.  Print out a test print to over lay to make sure it lines up first.  Granted most certificates are relatively cheap it's still a shame to waste.  To use the certificates you need to install the Wood Badge Font that is on this page. You can try it with other fonts but please keep in mind I designed it with the Wood Badge Font in mind.

Arrow of Light Award Webelos Super Achiever
These templates are to be used with Certificate number below from your local Scout Shop or scoutstuff.org.
Certificate #: 34215 Certificate #: 34406
Older versions of Microsoft Word (.dot)
Arrow of Light Certificate Webelos Super Achiever Certificate
Microsoft Word 2007 (.dotx)
Arrow of Light Certificate Webelos Super Achiever Certificate

Certificate of Appreciation

Older versions of Microsoft Word (.dot) Microsoft Word 2007 (.dotx)
Cert of Appreciation Cert of Appreciation




For those who cannot afford Microsoft Office or for some other reason can't use it try OpenOffice.  OpenOffice is a free Word processor, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint like solution.  I have not totally tested the History projects with OpenOffice but I do not envision any problems.  Warning it is a very large download.


Email me if you have suggestions, questions, or problems.


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