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The one thing I recommend at the pack level is to have some way of keeping track of where the scouts are in your den and review the records often.  There is nothing worse than having graduation or crossover coming up and finding out little Jonny is missing critical stuff to make rank.  At the Cub Scout level for den record keeping I recommend Trax (http://trax.boy-scouts.net/cubtrax.htm).  These spreadsheets are very handy and relatively easy to use (if you read the directions).  Frank Steele does a great job setting these spreadsheets up so that you can track the whole den and see the big picture at a glance or just looking at a single scout.  My personal preference is to have one file per scout which is why I have developed Cub History.  Many times I would be sitting with a Cub and his parents discussing what needed to be done.  With Trax it put me in a slightly uncomfortable position cause parents and the youth could see what the other scouts in the den were doing.  With Cub History it tracks the scout all the way from Tiger all the way to Webelos and it is only for a single scout.  This is done in Microsoft Excel.

Cub History 1.7

Cub History 1.7

The file is a xltx Excel 2007 template.  Download the template and then double click on it to create a new file for each of your scouts.


For those who cannot afford Microsoft Office or for some other reason can't use it try OpenOffice.  OpenOffice is a free Word processor, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint like solution.  I have not totally tested the History projects with OpenOffice but I do not envision any problems.  Warning it is a very large download.



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